The distinctive scent of Sardinia is a real thing. Anyone who has ever breathed it in is believed to comprehend this island. Every traveler’s ideal welcome committee is created by the confluence of sea breezes and Mediterranean macchia on the one hand and the breathtaking view of the clear, blue sea with its sand-white shore on the other. Let’s take a look at Sardinia vacation rentals in brief.

History Of Sardinia

The island’s recorded history dates back to the Paleolithic era (8000 BCE). The first agricultural cultivation and trade with Southern France, Italy, and Corsica started in the fourth millennium BCE. Beginning and development of the Nuragic culture as of 1800 BCE. There is still a ton of evidence pointing to these “original people” of Sardinia. After the island joined the Roman Empire (about 250 BCE), a seemingly unending period of alternately ruling it began. For instance, Sardinia briefly belonged to the Byzantine empire (534 CE). It was under Arab control (as of 700 CE). It then belonged to Spain (in 1479 CE), followed by Austria (1713), until eventually coming under the control of Italy (as of 1720). Sardinia has been a sovereign state since 1948. The first tourists arrived on the Costa Smeralda in 1962.

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Brief Details

Sardinia, a part of Italy, is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. The economy of Sardinia is built on both agriculture and services. Sardinia has roughly. It has 1.6 million residents and more than 1.850 kilometers of coastline. The island’s capital, Cagliari, is located in the south and covers a total area of 24.000 square kilometers.

Where Should I Eat In Sardinia?

For those who enjoy fine foods, Sardinia is a gourmet heaven. Sardinia’s traditional sheep’s milk cheese (Pecorino Sardo) and suckling pig are the most well-known specialties (maialetto arrosto).

Additionally, Sardinia makes top-notch wines. The thick, dark red wine Cannonau and the delicious white wine Vermentino are highly recommended.

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Fantastic Beaches Near Cagliari!

One of Sardinia’s most picturesque areas is undoubted to the east of the island’s capital, Cagliari. Small bays and lengthy sandy beaches can be seen here and there throughout the landscape. The island’s southern shore is home to the tourist destinations of Torre Delle Stelle and Geremeas, which provide complete serenity and Villasimius. This former fishing settlement exudes contemporary refinement. And of course, there is Costa Rei, also known as the King’s Coast, which is a heaven for families and is located in southeast Sardinia.

It’s a good thing that tourism in Sardinia has developed from north to south since it ensures that there is always space for everyone, especially during the summer’s peak travel period.

Which resort in southeast Sardinia is your favorite? Please let us know. You are welcome to look at each resort; you will discover thorough descriptions, a wealth of information, and our professional advice. Every resort is different and showcases the uniqueness of Sardinia. Every resort would be delighted to greet you!

Temperature And Climate

The months of April through September are ideal for travel.

It is safe to state that the swimming season on Sardinia’s southern shore runs from Easter through the end of October. Consequently, the season is slightly longer than in the island’s northern region. This is because the island’s two halves experience significant temperature changes at the beginning and conclusion of the season. However, during the summer, those temperature discrepancies progressively vanish. Then, unlike what many believe, maximum summertime temperatures in the south are not higher than those in the north. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about summer heat waves. There is always a cool breeze, thanks to the island winds.

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