Many people believe that because Sardinia is an island, the climate in Sardinia must always be pleasant. But, while Sardinia has more days of sun and milder winters than the rest of Europe (after all, it’s barely 200 kilometers north of Africa!), it’s far from a tropical paradise and does experience seasons.

The Weather in Sardinia – A Seasonal Guide The island of Sardinia

Sardinia has four distinct seasons, albeit winter is significantly shorter than summer, which lasts five months from mid-May to mid-October. The weather in Sardinia in each season is described in further depth below.

  • Winter

Winter in Sardinia is chilly, although there is a typical pattern of warm weeks with gorgeous bright days ideal for a walk on the beach or a climb, followed by dumpy, rainy days and significantly cooler temperatures. While the coast rarely gets snow, the mountains get enough throughout the winter. January and February are often the coldest months. Heating, as well as a thick coat, are unquestionably required.

sardinia temperature

  • Spring

Spring in Sardinia is stunning; many say it’s the finest season to visit. Longer days, fewer possibilities of rain, warmer temperatures, and lush greenery make it a very joyous season.

  • Summer

Sardinia is a famous summer vacation destination because of its beautiful beaches. Temperatures on the island begin to rise in mid-May – though the sea is still too cold to swim – with the peak months being July and August, and summer often finishing in mid-October, when we spend our last days at the beach.

The days are long and bright, except for the rare summer storm. The average summer Sardinia temperature is roughly 28.5 °C (that’s 83.3 °F), which means we often have maxima of 35° or 36° C (95° to 96.8 °F), and even more when a hot front comes.

Summer is peak season in Sardinia; when the kids are out of school, many families from Italy and other European nations visit, and the island may become quite crowded. If that is the date you want to visit, you must reserve well in advance!

  • Autumn / Fall 

Autumn is a beautiful season to visit Sardinia. A lot is going on with the nice weather, several events, and the wine and olive harvest. November is often when we expect the first rain, and temperatures begin to drop more steadily, but if the weather is sunny and the day pleasant, the end of October and early November may still be ideal for a beach day!

climate in sardinia

How Are The Winds At Sardinia?

Sardinia is a windy island ideal for activities like windsurfing and kite-surfing.

During your journey, you may encounter several types of wind, but one that stands out is mistral, a wind blowing from France that arrives in gusts strong enough to knock you off your feet. The mistral is a pleasant change in the summer, relieving the heat (but gusts can be so severe that going to the beach is difficult). However, it frequently delivers significantly colder air throughout the winter months. One interesting characteristic about mistral is that it blows for odd numbers of days – one, three, five, and so on.

In the Saharan nations, April and May are sandstorm months, and when the wind from that region of Africa blows to Sardinia, we get a thick rain that leaves a layer of yellow/brownish dust on everything.

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