It’s finally time for a vacation!

Our specialists can assist if you haven’t decided where to spend your vacation or what sort of hotel to book.

Are you a frequent visitor to a hotel or village on vacation? Have you ever contemplated spending your vacation in a villa all yours, equipped with a gorgeous swimming pool?

The private access to the swimming pool and accompanying leisure spaces elevates the holiday experience while ensuring greater solitude.

Furthermore, having gorgeous and well-kept villas in Sardinia with pool available to you 24 hours a day is fun!

The island of Sardinia is an excellent choice for a villa trip since it has a large range of luxury homes and villas appropriate for all needs, many of which are placed in stunning natural surroundings.

Especially in recent years, when it has become increasingly necessary to protect our and our loved ones’ health and privacy, villa vacations have become an increasingly popular choice for many visitors.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain why we decided and how to choose the structure that best meets your demands.

5 Tips On How To Choose Villas For Rent In Sardinia With Swimming Pools: 

Several considerations must be considered while selecting the perfect villa in Sardinia, some of which are listed below:

  • The first consideration when hiring a villa may seem apparent, but it is not usually taken into account: how many people are in your group? 

If you are traveling with a family or a group of friends, carefully verify the number of rooms and beds available in the accommodation and the type of beds themselves. Those who book villas in Sardinia with pool without considering the number of beds may be in for a rude awakening when they sleep on uncomfortable couch beds or in cramped quarters.

  • The group’s consideration should also be considered: family members and couples have different privacy concerns than a group of friends.

If you are traveling with children, another element that may help you select the ideal villa is the existence of a children’s swimming pool. We must constantly keep an eye on the small ones in every circumstance! However, the existence of safety equipment is frequently beneficial. Eventually, you may order those systems via the concierge or booking.

  • Those who spend their vacations in towns or hotels frequently do so for the convenience of having a restaurant on-site.

It is often preferable to avoid long and congested queues at buffets, especially in light of the current epidemic.

In this situation, the villas in Sardinia with private pool provide several options.

  1. Those who enjoy cooking will have access to fully equipped kitchens where they may produce delectable delicacies.
  2. Those who prefer to eat outside will have the option to experience various local dishes at the numerous restaurants that you can find in Sardinia’s key tourist spots. You may also have your meals delivered to your home.
  • A customized Chef service at home, potentially paired with the Butler, is another alternative for those searching for special solutions. 

To receive exceptional service and to be thoroughly pampered. Concierge services are available upon request.

  • Another crucial consideration is the Guests’ age. 

We recommend more secluded spots away from social life, such as Costa Paradiso or Portobello di Gallura, for families with children and anyone searching for rest and tranquillity. We recommend renting villas in regions known for their nightlife, such as Alghero or San Teodoro, or those adjacent to Costa Smeralda resorts, such as Porto Cervo, Baja Sardinia, or Porto Rotondo, for those who want to mix their holiday by the pool or beach with a glittering evening.

If you are looking for the best villas in Sardinia with pool, visit us at Sardinia Holiday!

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