Enjoy the finest of the sun, sand, and sea on your Sardinian vacation by following our guide to the top 5 beaches in Sardinia. Let us help you have an amazing time while spending your holidays Sardinia.
The island’s shoreline is among the most gratifying in the Mediterranean; from isolated coves to amenity-rich sites suitable for the whole family, beach holidays in Sardinia provide diversity and pleasure. White sandy beaches, scenic coves, crystal-clear water, and spectacular surroundings; it’s safe to say that your Sardinian vacation will be interrupted by lovely coastal excursions. Given the variety of options, picking which beaches to visit might be difficult, so make the decision easy by consulting our top 5 beaches in Sardinia list…

1. Cala Brandinchi
Cala Brandinchi, often known as ‘Little Tahiti’ due to its stunning clear seas, is one of Sardinia’s most recognized beaches and appears on any list of the island’s greatest beaches. Its shallow waters are ideal for swimming, and its 700 meters of fine sand and surrounding pine trees provide a tranquil setting to soak up the sun.

2. Spiaggia Della Speranza
La Speranza Beach is expected to be a popular day-trip destination for tourists spending their vacation near or in Alghero. This is the nicest beach in the Alghero area, ideal for water sports enthusiasts or simply sunbathing on the sand if absolute rejuvenation is what you want. Find your desired holiday apartments at this location with Sardinia Holiday!

3. Cala Biriola
Cala Biriola is a very stunning location, so it’s no surprise that it entered our list of the top beaches in Sardinia. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular in the ocean here, while others may appreciate the great walking available upland from the beach. Cala Biriola, located among the lush countryside and lovely sceneries of the island’s east coast, will expose you to a quiet and paradisiacal beach to rest on during your Sardinian vacation.

4. Cala dei Gabbiani
Cala dei Gabbiani is a magnificent coastal environment with sand, rocky outcrops, and a crystal blue sea that would not seem out of place in the Caribbean. Its shallow waves make it excellent for small children who like to splash about, and its protected location allows for long naps on its soft beaches.

5. Nora Beach
Many people are unaware that Nora, which is 2.5 kilometers south of Pula and is most known for its ancient site of the same name, also has a beautiful beach. The beach features a long stretch of sand lapped by calm and safe water, ideal for swimming and family outings. The beach’s second claim to fame is its excellent views of the Torre del Coltellazzo, a historic seaside tower for nearly 400 years.
Are these beaches enticing you? You’ll need a place to stay during your fun-filled vacation. To plan for your trip to spend the holidays Sardinia, visit us at Sardinia Holiday! Check out our fantastic selection of lodgings on the island.

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