Outdoor sport in Sardinia

Sardinia is not only the second largest island in Italy and a culinary stronghold, but also a Mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether mountain bikers, climbers or sailors – everyone is guaranteed to get their share of action here.

Because life in Sardinia has a lot of advantages: Apart from the obvious advantages – the local food, the beautiful, pastel-coloured scenery and the fantastic weather, for example – Sardinia offers the perfect basis for all outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Rocky landscapes and coasts, mountains and forests, as well as sandy as well as rocky Mediterranean beaches – this region fulfils a long list of desires one can only have around outdoor sports.

Okay, sure, Sardinia is known for long, hot days and perfect weather – predestined, so to speak, for casually chilling on the beach with a drink in your hand. But there are also the windy days when huge waves crash against the coasts and make every surfer’s heart beat faster. But whether you’re a sailor, climber or surfer – on your way back after an eventful adventure, the best way to end the day is the Sardinian way…with a few friends in a bar, drinking an aperitivo or an Ichnusa beer and musing about the day’s exploits with a plate of Sardinian salami and Sardinian pecorino – che bello!

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