Choose the best luxury villas in Sardinia with a private pool for your exotic vacation by following a few easy criteria:


One of the most significant aspects of a Villa for true luxury holidays is its location. The villas chosen are conveniently accessible from the airport and are near the greatest beaches and archaeological sites.

The context is everything that surrounds the Villa. We exclusively select residential areas with the fewest holiday properties. Our Villas are situated in two locations to provide distinct luxury holiday experiences.

The environment surrounding Calasinzias adds to the location’s attractiveness, which retains the authenticity of the island’s wild and unspoiled nature.

Despite being a freshly created tourist area, there is a market and a café a few hundred meters from the property. Calasinzias’ magnificent beach is about 300 meters away.

villas in Sardinia with a pool


All of the Villas chosen by Luxury Holidays in Sardinia have a private garden, private parking (easy access even for the most extreme supercar), and fences, ensuring that your pet (always a welcome guest at our Villas) is never in danger.

The interiors of the Villas ensure optimum energy performance and natural ventilation by utilizing the prevailing breezes in certain regions.

The interior design allows for optimal functionality; the bedrooms are of a specific size and have a window. When the bedrooms are not en-suite in any of our villas, the number of bedrooms served by the same bathroom is never more than two.

The heating and cooling systems ensure quick temperature changes and must be adequately scaled for the Villa in which they function.

All villas in Sardinia with a pool have ample water supply, hot water outdoor showers, big outdoor patios (one inside), and optimum seclusion from surrounding villas.

These assessments are the minimum for a Villa to be considered for a position with us.

Controlled And Valued: 

After selecting the villas with the greatest features, we work with our Artisans to value the home so that you can enjoy your stay during your luxury vacation in Sardinia.

The villas’ gardens and parking spaces have been remodeled to make the most use of space; due to our Garden Designer, all green areas have been redesigned with special care.

On the grounds of our villas, characteristic Sardinian plants such as myrtle, mastic, and olive are utilized in conjunction with the most beautiful flowers and green grass to meet the local flora and provide a sense of harmony at first sight.

The Villa is regulated in a methodical manner in all of its components, with the only objective of ensuring a great luxury stay in Sardinia.

When the work done in the Villa makes it fit to assure you, your friends, family, and visitors of the best standards for your luxury holiday in Sardinia, we place the property on our website and make it accessible for booking.

During your stay in one of our luxury villas, you will also discover kitchen tablecloths, cloth napkins similar to those found in the finest premium restaurants, and a bed with sheets and pillowcases similar to those seen in the best five-star hotels. There is a complete set of towels for the shower, hands, bidet, and, of course, the shower rug in the bathroom.

Soft beach towels, hand soaps, shampoo, and a toiletry set are also provided in the Villas.

luxury villas in Sardinia with a private pool

All of these amenities are included in the price of your stay in one of our luxury villas, as are water, electricity, and gas usage.

We want you to enjoy your luxury vacation in Sardinia without worries or anxieties, in comfort equivalent to the greatest resorts, and with seclusion unattainable in buildings other than our Villas.

At our luxury villas in Sardinia with a private pool, you will discover a prepaid gsm phone that you can use for all your reservations: you may call our manager, who will be accessible 24 hours a day, to reserve you the best restaurants, the greatest and most exclusive services in Sardinia, such as a helicopter trip to your favorite beaches.

Wine, cheese, traditional bread, and the best of foreign production (spirits from all over the globe, caviar, champagne, Italian and French wines, and much more) are available at our Villas.

All of this is included in the cost of your luxury vacation at one of our Villas! For more info, visit us at Sardinia Holiday!

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