Since there is a first time for everything, renting a beach property is no exception. Even if it’s simple to be seduced by the photos of elegant spaces and seashell decorations, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the ideal fit for your family’s requirements. Every beach house rentals are unique. Furthermore, not every family is the same. Before turning on your computer and starting your search, evaluating your needs and setting some priorities thoroughly is crucial. We’ve developed some advice for renting a beach property that will help you go through all the alternatives more rapidly than you can put on or take off a wet bathing suit because we know how quickly house-hunting tiredness can set in and take the fun out of preparing.

Advice on Hiring a Beach House Location

We imagine this is one of those suggestions for booking a beach villa that lacks originality. It seems to be a no-brainer in a way. The problem is that finding the ideal location might be challenging if you don’t fully understand your needs and the layout of where you’re going.

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Beach Access

Access to a public beach can make or break you. Before we truly discovered what we valued in our beach rental experience, we tried several different sites. One is easy access to a public beach. We once stayed one street from the shore. From our lovely sundeck, we could hear the waves pulsating. But how do I reach those waves? With toddlers strapped to us and four million pounds of goodies, we had a long walk down the sidewalk-less street. No fun. At all.

Public parking may also be important. If you don’t want to carry your children, their belongings, other items, and still more items around with you, look for a location with nearby public parking so you can load up your car and drive over. Of course, doing this runs the danger of leaving sand in your car for the foreseeable future.


Now, keep in mind that free beach access. Yes, having someone close by is fantastic, but what else comes with it? Yep. Noise. Do you want to be close to the boardwalk if your beach has one? There is a ton of action, but there is also noise (though they may be an easy trade-off for your family). Are there any busy roads nearby? A huge hotel? Look around the house to see if the environment will make you feel content, secure, and entertained.

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Consider the accessibility of specific locations you will unavoidably need to visit while selecting your holiday apartments. Imagine the perfect week. Just the beach, then? Or is there something else? Is the supermarket far away? Like, getting there must be a real pain? Are you one of those folks that frequently visit the grocery store? Do activities count? Mini golf? Go-karts? Restaurants? Movie theatres for inclement weather? Even so, do you want them? Fishing, what about it? Is that crucial? A pier might be nearby. Before you make a reservation, we’d also advise using Google Maps to go from your chosen house to the place you want to go. What is the traffic situation? On some of the barrier islands, there is only one road, which can grow crowded.


We’ve discovered that, as a result of spending so much time with young children who like naps and earlier bedtimes, we truly enjoy a nice view. We should prioritize a view while we are confined to the house. We imply that the final few hours of the day, when the kids are all soundly asleep and wet from the beach and sun, are our holiday times. At this point, we have a glass of wine while listening to the sound of the waves. Due to the remainder of the day? Well, the noises of children and tiredness kind of blend together.


The location also becomes crucial when considering how your beach day will go. Is it always back and forth from the house to the beach and vice versa? A sleepy child. Children using the restroom. Kids that require snacks. Sand in the eyes of children. Children require more snacks. If your family sounds anything like this, which it might or might not on any given day, then being near the ocean is crucial. (What kind of witchcraft, since it doesn’t sound like your family?)

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