A real pearl of Sardinia and the whole of the Mediterranean, an unspoilt jewel on the central-western coast of the Island: three kilometres of sand dunes, turquoise and emerald green sea and lush vegetation all around.

It is one of the most beautiful stretches along the Costa Verde, in the territory of Arbus, a village in the province of Medio Campidano. It is not easy to get to, which makes it even more enchanting, and is located in a setting in which nature is almost completely unspoilt, with no villages nearby. In Scivu, you will witness a deafening silence, interrupted only by the surf of the sea and the cries of the seagulls.

The beach, with its pale, soft sand, which seems to ‘speak’ as a result of the echo you can hear when you walk on it, is divided in two by a small cliff and is a paradise for enthusiasts of underwater fishing. To the sides and behind it, there are reddish rocks and soft dunes, dotted with mastic, broom, strawberry trees and juniper, which descend from the mountains to the sea. You will reach it after travelling along a panoramic road, taking the paths between the dunes or going for a walk along the shore.

The water is astonishingly transparent and its colour is dazzling when it is lit by the sun’s reflections. The most seductive moment is sunset, when the sand and the rock faces turn red. The seabed is varied: gullies, sandbanks and a scattering of rocks – everything that snorkelling enthusiasts are looking for.

The beach has ample parking, at the nearby beach of Nuraci, which is also suitable for camper vans, and there is also a place for dining/refreshments and equipment rentals. The wind is often strong and, not surprisingly, it is the ideal destination for surfers. However, caution is needed, because the Costa Verde sea is spectacular and wild, but rarely calm. Furthermore, it is one of the most well-known hot spots for surf-casting enthusiasts: almost all of the species of Mediterranean fish can be found here.

The dunes are a distinctive feature of the entire Costa Verde: don’t miss your chance to visit the Sabbied’Oro inPistis, the magnificent Torre deiCorsari, the beautiful Funtanazza, Marinea di Arbus and PortuMaga, the ‘desert’ of sand in Piscinas that, along with Scivu, is the real jewel of this coastline, and lastly Capo Pecora, a much-loved destination for divers and fishermen.

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