First a Phoenician-Punic colony, then a Roman town, today a seaside village.

The former island, now connected by an artificial isthmus first created by the Punics and then perfected by the Romans, is the main centre of Sardinia’s largest island with colourful houses and restaurants overlooking the sea.

The island of Sant’Antioco is situated in the extreme south-west of Sardinia and is the fourth largest island in Italy and is of volcanic origin.

It has large beaches that are relatively uncrowded, even during the high season, and has interesting seabeds for underwater activities. It is suitable for deep-sea fishing in spring and autumn.

Attractions to visit in the surroundings:

  • Museo del mare e dei maestri d’ascia
  • Basilica si Sant’Antioco
  • Cala Sapone
  • Cala Lunga
  • Monte Sirai
  • Cala Fico
  • Turri
  • Le Saline
  • Porto paglietto
  • Porto Pino
  • Le Dune

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