San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a town in Gallura which is located about 25 km from Olbia on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.

It is a sunny village with magnificent villas, holiday homes, apartments and B & Bs, its magnificent white sandy beaches and its blue and crystalline sea.

San Teodoro is a tourist city with a Mediterranean spirit that wants to be discovered: it is a place of sun, sea, sandy beaches and boat trips for young and old. It is also a place with a radiant and pulsating nature, with marine parks, unreachable peaks and intimate and suggestive paths in search of history. San Teodoro is the ideal city for families looking for relaxation and privacy, a village with just over 5000 inhabitants in winter, but in summer animated by tens of thousands of tourists who feed the city. The village offers the ideal holiday for the whole family thanks to its beautiful white sandy beaches and the crystal blue sea of ​​shallow water.

The most famous beaches like:

  • La Cinta;
  • Cala brandinchi or Tahiti;
  • Lu Impostu;
  • Marina di Puntaldìa;
  • s’Isuledda;
  • Cala Ginepro;
  • Coda Cavallo;
  • Cala Ghjlgolu;
  • Salinedda Bay;
  • Cala d’Ambra;
  • Cala Suaraccia.

For your ideal holiday we recommend you to visit the museum:

  • “Civilization of the Sea” in via Niuloni 1, tel. 0784866010;
  • The nuraghe of the Naracheddu village;
  • The nuraghe “Conca‘ e Bentu “and the Domus de Janas” L’Agliola “, in Budoni;
  • The Ceramics workshop in Loc.Giunnareddu, tel. 078940525 in Porto San Paolo.

The typical dish of San Teodoro is the Gallurese soup to be accompanied with a glass of Vermentino di Gallura.

The feasts of the patron San Teodoro, and that of Sant’Andrea, are the events not to be missed. The fires of Sant’Antonio Abate are also very beautiful, during which the population gathers around bonfires in honor of the saint.

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