Porto Istana

A jewel in the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, a marvel of soft sand and breath-taking colours that represent the northern boundary of the protected marine area of Capo Coda Cavallo.

Turquoise waves glide over the surface of the sea, creating an effect of light and colours that is remindful of crystals. The white sand covers the beach, creating a glaring contrast with the water hues. The bay of Porto Istana is located at the feet of Capo Cesaro, a granitic promontory in the Murta Maria neighbourhood inside the gulf (and the territory) of Olbia, twenty minutes by car. The bay is made up of four beaches, separated from each other by small rocky strips. It is surrounded by pink granites and outlined with green Mediterranean bushes: cistus, giant strawberry trees, ericas, evergreen oaks and olive trees. All four little coves, identified by ordinal numbers starting from the north, are characterised by a sea bottom of very fine white sand that gradually dives into the emerald colours of the sea, which makes them particularly suitable for children. From the beach, enjoy the view provided by the vertical majestic figure of Tavolara, sunbathe while you relax or swim in the paradisiac waters of the protected marine area. The coast is accessible to disabled people, connected to the city through public transportation, has plenty of parking space and rental agencies for beach equipment. Around the beach there are hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants and bars. The coves, beaten by the wind, are a favourite destination of sailors and windsurfers. The seabed is rich with marine flora and fauna, making it an excellent place for scuba divers and snorkelers. In addition, the shore near Olbia is a diving paradise, with various diving points in the promontory of Capo Figari (territory of the Aranci Gulf) and in the marine area: Tedja Liscia, la secca del Papa (shallows), the Molara wreck, the Molarotto rock. During your Olbia vacation, enjoy other seaside paradises: after Porto Istana, going towards San Teodoro, you will find the yellow-ochre sand of Lido del Sole and Li Cuncheddi. The “town” beach is La Playa di Pittulongu, a half-moon of fine white sand. Nearby are the Spiaggia dello Squalo, the Pellicano, similar to the Playa, but smaller, and Mare e Rocce. Further north there is Bados, with soft grey-ochre sand. The coast of Olbia also includes other long segments: in the direction of the Emerald Coast, there are “pearls” of white sand and crystalline sea in Marinella, Porto Rotondo, Portisco and Marina di Cugnana, among which the Spiaggia Bianca.

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