Costa Rei

A tourist resort part of the municipality of Muravera, Costa Rei is located in the south eastern coast of Sardinia, along an exciting scenic route that offers an uninterrupted sequence of beautiful views.

Reaching Costa Rei means visiting one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. The beauty of this area is enhanced by the profile of the Sette Fratelli mountain range overlooking the Park, a valuable nature reserve and perfect place for relaxing walks. Ensconced between the mountains and lush hills and a many hued blue sea, enchanting spots in Costa Rei are at times hidden from view by luxuriant Mediterranean brush. Such is the case of Cala Pira, a small bay surrounded by dunes covered with fragrant juniper trees made even more beautiful by the austere silhouette of the Aragonese tower overlooking an extremely transparent sea.

Enclosed between two small cliffs and protected by a thick pine forest, the white beach of Cala Sinzias is located not far from the town of Costa Rei; an attractive tourist resort over a long stretch of fine white sand bordering an emerald green to deep blue sea. 10 awesome kilometers of sandy beach, ideal for any vacation, thanks to shallow waters and a wide variety of tourist services, including excellent hotels and restaurants.

Behind Costa Rei, a fertile agricultural area offers a large variety of excellent organic products. These fields were once tilled by semi-free prisoners; you should visit the Castiadas Penal Colony there, an 1877 building turned cultural center and museum.

Nearby is Muravera, a lively town that offers exquisite hospitality, and not only during the summer. This town, particularly committed to promoting traditional culture, shares the endless variations of the history and folklore of this area in the spring with the Citrus Festival.

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