A coastal village in the municipality of Domus de Maria, Chia is located along the scenic road of the south west coast of Sardinia, which can be reached from Cagliari along the (SS) Highway 195.

The ancient village of Chia, an important Phoenician and then Roman centre named Bithia, was in a small cove where today there is one of the many coastal towers built in the seventeenth century by the Spanish crown against the incursions of the Barbary pirates. Among the ruins brought to light following a storm, there are the remains of a Punic Tophet and the ancient road that connected it to the important city of Nora. Today it is the destination for trekking and mountain bike enthusiasts who can travel the dirt road that runs along the old road, enjoying particularly fascinating coastal stretches.

From the tower, overlooking the coast, there is access to a long stretch of sand interspersed with small coves framed by dense vegetation and lapped by an emerald-green sea, a true spectacle of nature that remains forever in the hearts of any visitor.

Along the coast to the west you pass the beaches of Sa Tuerra, Porto Campana Spiaggia de su Sali, and Su Giudeu the most beautiful of all. Also known as the spiaggia de s’Abba Durci (fresh water beach), it is a long stretch of white sand surrounded by high dunes covered with juniper trees, which, with their shapes create a particularly evocative landscape.

On the back of this stretch of coastline lies the Spartivento pond, precious natural oasis habitat for many animal species. In front of the beach of Giudeu, a short distance from the shore, there is an island within easy reach due to shallow waters that separate it from the mainland. Thanks to its special charm, this beach is often chosen as a natural backdrop for films and TV commercials.

On the westernmost part of this coast is the Cala Cipolla beach. Only accessible on foot, it extends around a small cove sheltered and enclosed by a rocky promontory that separates it from the more extensive coastline. From Cala Cipolla there is a scenic path that lets you reach the Faro di Capo Spartivento, whose summit dominates the whole southern coast of Sulcis.

With their shallow waters, all the beaches along the Chia coast are particularly frequented by families with children and by underwater fishing and diving enthusiasts. Often beaten by the mistral wind, Chia is also an ideal destination for surfers who can perform spectacular stunts. Rich in tourist services, these beaches are accessible to the disabled and have ample parking.

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