Budoni, overlooking the coast in the north-east of Sardinia, is a charming village cast against the background of a stunning turquoise sea.

The hills surround the town, which features a beautiful medieval stone village. The old town, full of history and public places, is the heart of a lively nightlife: clubs, places to meet and restaurants make for a cheerful atmosphere all year long, and especially during the summer season.

Among the wonders of the area are Li Cucutti, Baia Sant’Anna and Cala Budoni. The soft white sand and the Mediterranean brush, which surrounds beaches of extraordinary beauty, capture and inebriate the gaze. Cala Ottiolu, with its shallow and green waters, is one of the most popular bays and is located near Porto Ottiolu, the main tourist starting point for inshore trips.

The feast of the Assumption in Budoni is undoubtedly the most beloved and anticipated: piazzas awash with music and joy where visitors join in one single celebration not to be missed, with dancing in discos and dreamy clubs. The tower of Su Entosu, a nuraghe-look-out located on a granite peak, the Conca and Bentu nuraghe and the Domus de Janas Agliola are of great historical value.

If you love the old charm, the animal pens of St. Peter will take you back in time; a path through ancient pastoral houses, built with thousand-year-old stones, mortar and mud, that bear witness to the look of nineteenth century countryside Sardinian villages. The colorful charm of the rooms and courtyards still tell stories of ancient life.

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