General Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions are an integral part of the stipulated agreement with Sardinia Holiday by Filippo Locci

1. Reservations and terms of contract
Our client can apply for a reservation either by phone or directly through our websites ,  by making use of the proper reservation form. Such an application is not binding. Our client will receive an email or fax from us, stipulating availability, rates, and conditions for a stay. All rates listed on the websites are strictly indicative; though prepared with care and precision, these are susceptible to changes without any prior notice.

The valid rates, binding for Sardinia Holiday, are those indicated in the offer forwarded to our prospective client in response to his application for a reservation. After accepting the offer, within 3 days a down payment is required equal to 30% of the total amount due for the requested services. The reservation will only be considered valid, and consequently confirmed, upon receiving the required deposit. When the above indicated time has elapsed without effectuating the down payment, it will be assumed that the client has renounced, which will authorize Sardinia Holiday to void the reservation.

Specifically, failure to effectuate the payments according to the timetable above described, is explicitly considered to annul any agreement described in the contract. Upon receiving the down payment, confirmation will be forwarded to the client in the form of a voucher (by email or fax). Sardinia Holiday invites its customers to check all information listed on the confirmation, so as to ensure full compliance with the conditions as they are stipulated by the contact. Modes of payment of the deposit are specified on the reservation form, which must be signed for confirmation and returned by fax by the client.

All rates that are communicated through the offers regard conditions, services, supplements, and taxes at the current level. All possible updates are valid from the moment of change, and are considered to be accepted by our clients through the act of signing their reservation form.

2. Modes of payment
Payment of services can be made by bank deposit or, on request, by credit card. We welcome VISA or MASTERCARD with our secure server procedure. We kindly ask our clients to specify in advance if they intend to use the credit card system, so that we can send them the procedure by email.

3. Arrivals and departures
The receiving accommodation, i.e. reserved house or rooms, is available to the clients according to the timetable specified on the voucher. Any possible arrivals or departures according to a schedule different from those specified must be requested and communicated at the moment of reservation, or prior to arrival. The management of the accommodations reserve the right to accept or refuse such requests, or to ask for a supplement in compensation for the added costs.

4. Supplements and reductions
Supplements and reductions will be indicated in the offer. For toddlers and children, reductions are valid according to age ranges, and to ages not yet reached ( e.g. a reduction for children between 6 and 12 years is considered valid if the child has not yet reached 12 years of age). When making your reservation, it is required to state the exact age of the children at the moment of arrival, as it will be listed on the voucher. The management of the accommodations reserve the right to ask for ID and to require compensation in case the age does not correspond to what was declared.

5. Lodgings and number of guests
The lodgings may not be occupied by a number of persons (including children) greater than the number indicated in the confirmation of reservation and in the forwarded voucher.

Any person over the established number will be charged with the average rate per person paid by the other participants. Failure to pay is considered an explicit nullifying clause of the contract, without any right for compensation, meaning both lodgings and the deposit paid will be lost. The management of the accommodation has the right to refuse access to persons above the number reserved.

The client is responsible for the identification of all present in the accommodation, in respect of the rules of public security. Inasmuch they are held to present documents and data (including those of children) according to the terms described by law. For practical reasons, we recommend you communicate that data through us by email prior to arrival.

6. Modifications of contract
If the customer asks to modify a reservation that was confirmed already (e.g. date, lodgings, etc.) Sardinia Holiday reserves the right to accept or reject any such request. If the modification is accepted, an additional commission may be charged to compensate for the costs necessary to implement the modification.

7. Right to cancel and penalties, substitutions
Cancellations must be made to Sardinia Holiday in writing, and will be subject to the penalties indicated in the reservation papers.

To cancel a reservation altogether, the client must communicate this request to Sardinia Holiday in writing, signed by the same person that made the reservation, if it is to be taken into consideration at all.

Cancellations of confirmed reservations made by the client will bring about penalties that are always based on the total charge for the intended stay, as indicated on the reservation form submitted by the client.

Should the client decide to interrupt a stay that has already started, no reimbursement is possible. The same applies if the client cannot travel for reasons of missing or incomplete travel documents (e.g. passport or visa).

If the client arrives late due to a strike or because of difficulties encountered while traveling, no reimbursement is possible.

8. Substitutions
A client who cannot keep his own reservation may be substituted by another person on the following conditions:

  • the change must be communicated to Sardinia Holiday in writing, at least 4 business days before the start date of the reservation;
  • the client must provide Sardinia Holiday with a reason for his inability to keep the reservation. The substitute must reimburse Sardinia Holiday for any subsitution costs that may apply. These costs will be quantified when the actual change in reservation is communicated to us;
  • the client must declare in writing to Sardinia Holiday that he will not claim restitution of his deposit.

9. Tourism taxes
Any possible tourism taxes prescribed by local and/or regional law are not included in the price of stay indicated in the reservation documents that are sent to the client.

Sardinia Holiday is not obligated to be aware of the existence of said taxes or how they are collected, but the company will do its best to bring said taxes to the attention of its clients without assuming any direct responsibility.

10. Houses with swimming pools
Houses with swimming pools are private spaces and are therefore not subject to any legal obligation to provide a lifeguard or other personnel with surveillance duty.

Any client who has reserved one of these accommodations is obliged to make use of the swimming pool responsibly, especially when children are present. The client must exercise common sense at all times: do not swim directly after eating, do not allow unaccompanied children to use the pool, do not dive where it is prohibited, be careful when walking near the pool, and observe the general rules of hygiene before, during, and after bathing.

Sardinia Holiday does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for problems deriving from negligence on the part of the client, and considers to have fulfilled its obligations as to rendering the client aware of the risks involved in incorrect use of a private swimming pool.

11. Responsibility regarding services offered by third parties publicized on the websites
Sardinia Holiday does not assume any responsibility for services offered by third parties, even if publicized on its own website. Such services (e.g. car rental and online ferry ticket agencies) are distributed and managed directly by third parties and are in no way part of the services offered by Sardinia Holiday.

12. Claims and division of responsibility
Sardinia Holiday is active as a travel agency that offers its clients services that are distributed directly by its suppliers. As such, it cannot be responsible for whatever type of damage, delay, omission, or serious mistake that is caused directly by the suppliers that offer these services.

Furthermore, neither Sardinia Holiday nor its suppliers are responsible for any loss of luggage, damage resulting from terrorist activities, popular uprisings, strikes, illnesses, local laws, weather conditions, natural disasters, or for any other action, omission, or condition beyond their control.

Therefore, Sardinia Holiday’s responsibility will be limited to the total price paid by the client for services rendered, explicitly excluding any responsibility for direct or indirect damages, or for loss of income. All accommodations are offered for contract by Sardinia Holiday for the benefit of their owners, at the rates indicated in the forwarded pro forma.

The receiving accommodation is responsible for the services offered and is committed to honor their declarations rigorously and punctually. The contractual relation that Sardinia Holiday establishes with the receiving accommodations, in protection of its clients and its own interests, are always regulated by exact written agreements, with a clear assumption of responsibility by the receiving accommodations themselves regarding the quality of the rendered services.

In case of irregularities or unexpected services, we ask our clients to contact us during their stay, so as to allow us to intervene as quickly as possible.

In order to offer further guarantees to our customers, Sardinia Holiday plans to visit the accommodations it offers periodically, so as to verify their state of maintenance as well as the conformity with the descriptions in its own catalogue. Possible claims must be delivered to the supplier of services in writing, through Sardinia Holiday, within 8 days after conclusion of the stay.

Sardinia Holiday is organized so as to offer quality services. Whenever our clients have a bad experience, we invite them to report this to us as soon as possible. In addition, any suggestions, observations, and advice our guests would like to communicate to us after their stay in Sardinia are most welcome.

13. Pandemic
In case of cancellation by the customer, a penalty fee in the amount of the deposit is due, or alternatively, if the deposit has been paid in advance, it will be withheld by Sardinia Holiday. Under certain circumstances, such as travel restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, against the amount of the deposit paid in advance, a compensation voucher of the same value can be redeemed the following year.

14. Cancellations
In the event of a cancellation by the client, a cancellation fee is due, to be calculated at the time of cancellation.

All of us at Sardinia Holiday wish our clients a very pleasant vacation!

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