Climate in Sardinia

The climate in Sardinia is Mediterranean, with mild, short and fairly wet winters and hot, long and sunny summers, occasionally sultry but fed by breezes. On the plains and coasts, temperatures in winter can very rarely drop to 0 degrees in January, and in summer can reach 35 degrees in August.

The sun in Sardinia is very present in summer as well as in spring with clear skies, while it is not so remarkable from December to February, in autumn the temperatures exceed 20 degrees and the sea water maintains the heat of summer. In the interior of Sardinia the climate becomes a little more continental.

The sea temperature is quite warm and you can bathe from June to September, but in May and October the sea temperatures become a bit cooler.

Sardinia, however, is a windy island, with its mistral and west wind. In summer when they blow they are welcome because they make the heat more bearable. When, on the other hand, the sirocco blows, it brings heat waves from Africa.

There are very few rainy days during the year, which is typical of its climate, i.e. they are more frequent in autumn and winter, decrease during spring, and it hardly ever rains in summer.

Snow, on the other hand, is quite rare, but can occur in the mountainous area and in the central-northern part of Sardinia.

When to go

Definitely visit Sardinia in the summertime, from mid-June to mid-September, if you intend to have a beach holiday and sunbathing. For bathing, the best period is from July to mid-September.

We recommend a holiday in Sardinia in April, May and October if you are going on excursions or romantic walks by the sea, as you will still find plenty of sun, happiness and hospitality.

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