Sardinia is one of the greatest vacation spots for families with young children since it offers a variety of family-friendly activities, like sandcastle-building on the beach, swimming in clean water, exploring caverns, and admiring the interesting environment and Nuraghic culture.

The Sardinia vacation rentals in the Mediterranean provide a variety of activities between the sea and the mountains, as well as warm sea water, moderate air temperatures, and lots of sunny days, at least from early June through late October (and maybe even into November). Thus, the ideal option for family vacations that the kids will like and the parents will find quite relaxing.

What Are The Requirements For The Ideal Family Vacation?

Those who travel with kids know how crucial it is to organize and prepare for a stress-free family trip. We advise making simple travel arrangements and considering some quick getaways, kid-friendly activities, and sites.

Undoubtedly, a key component of the ideal vacation is lodging. Undoubtedly cozy coastal vacation houses and villas close to the beach are popular with families. However, kids also require room. Maybe there should be two or more bedrooms in the house? Would a neighbouring garden or playground be preferable? Accommodations surrounded by nature and in a tranquil area, even if not immediately by the sea, are sometimes preferable.

sardinia beach house rentals

Pula and Chia are two of southern Sardinia’s most stunning beaches.

There are several lovely and family-friendly beaches to explore if you stay in the southwest of Cagliari, between the little town of Pula and the well-known vacation destination of Chia. Don’t overlook Santa Margherita di Pula’s ten kilometres of sandy beach, which features several bays and larger sections divided by cliffs and rock formations. Cala Bernardini, as well as Su Guventeddu, which is encircled by a shaded pine forest and where you can also have a picnic, as well as the bay of Cala Cipolla, are other lovely beaches.

Between Buggerru and Costa Verde lies the gorgeous beaches in the west.

The wildest and unspoiled portion of Sardinia’s shoreline is well known. Families shouldn’t be discouraged by this; instead, they should opt for Sardinia beach house rentals nearby since the southwest is uncrowded and provides a variety of activities. Funtanazza and Cala Domestica are two beaches we particularly suggest seeing.

The Funtanazza beach is particularly rich in history because it served as a summer camp for miners’ kids who lived in the Sartori marine colony and worked nearby. There is now only one deserted structure that needs to be restored. Funtanazza beach is appropriate for kids due to the short sand bar and the glistening water. The beach is shielded from the mistral breeze by rocks that line the coastline and are covered in dense vegetation.

A broad sandy beach extends into one of Sardinia’s most stunning waters. Low and sandy, the seafloor is teeming with marine life. With a mask and snorkel, the most daring kids may spend the entire afternoon swimming with a variety of little fish and develop into superb divers! Cala Domestica, a dream bay next to Buggerru, first has the appearance of a Norwegian fjord and is surrounded by Mediterranean greenery.

There is a route that makes it simple to get to the beach, which also offers a bar, a lot of parking, and a resting place for campers.

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The east coast between Arbatax and Orosei

Long, sandy beaches and towering cliffs alternate along Sardinia’s east coast, creating an amazing and diverse landscape. Many bays are only accessible from the sea by boat and are worth a visit. The beaches of Bari Sardo, Marina di Orosei, Berchida, and Bidderosa are especially family-friendly.

The beautiful beach may be seen in Bari Sardo near Torre di Bari. Historically separated into two halves, the beach is covered with pebbles and fine, white sand in the south and golden, coarse-grained sand in the north. The sea is translucent. Parking places, parasols, and diving schools are all available for rental.

One of the island’s most picturesque beaches is Berchida. A truly natural wonderland, it also has a beach service and occasionally, cows stop by to unwind, much to the joy of the kids.

Five bays make up the Bidderosa Oasis, which is covered with lush Mediterranean flora. It is best to register in advance to visit this beach on the east coast because entry to this nature preserve is restricted.

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